Ny newest project. Pics attached.


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Hollowbody Strat in Lacewood with a Padouk neck with a Rosewood board with Abalone dots...

Here are the body pics...



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Finish that up, then MORE PICS. The color of the padouk there looks so so good... and lacewood, wow. More pics.
Not sure I like this pickguard.  Anyone??


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Note... this neck has been around for 4 years or so so this the color Padouk is after it ages. I am getting around to finishing a bunch of projects.
I love it! great combination of the neck and body!
I think the pearloid guard looks good.. maybe a cream one would by nicer though..

I love the 'aged' padouk! I don't really like the orangy/red looks of a new one, but maybe it's worth the wait!
how long does it take for padouk to turn brown-ish?
I have had this neck 4 or 5 years. It is unplayed as of yet. It was too red for me when I first recieved it but now I am in Padouk heaven. I am having Jon Moore wind me up some  pickups for this one. 

That's a great wood combination. I agree with Marko about the pickguard. Pearl and Lacewood fight each other for attention. :kewlpics: