Hello everyone,

I found that this site is so addicting that I been spending so much time here I had to join this discussion board.
I was spending so much time here that yes I did purchase a LP body & LP Neck and all the other goodies needed to try and build my first Warmouth custom.
I had a very hard time selecting the right Body and Neck because there is a very good selection and I couldn't decide what I wanted.
Then I ended up picking a very traditional Tobbacco Burst Flamed maple with Mahogany back LP and a Maple neck with a Ebony fretboard to give the LP some crispness to it's warm sound.
Actually I suprized myself as the LP turned out so good that I cannot put the thing down.
I do think that the right thing to do is not cure the addiction but to feed it.

So does anybody have any sugestions for my next build?

Thank you Warmouth for feeding my new vice. :guitarplayer2:
thinline telecaster!! Or an SG or something unusual like a mustang or a musiclander. Or a total hybrid / unique design like WillyK's Korina TeleJazzHumMaster.

Also you must post pictures of your guitar as soon as possible in the LP section of the board. Welcome!
Firstly welcome to the board Cane.. :hello2:

Secondly please put your guitar down long enough to take some pictures of it so we can all have a look. (we lurve pictures!!!!!)

Thirdly I heartily agree with you about feeding your addiction and I think you should consider building a tele, then a strat, a jazzmaster, then another tele, then a couple of basses just for the hell of it, then another strat, an L5S, a few more teles, include a few left handers just for fun, mockingbirds are nice......then we can book in for therapy together. :icon_biggrin: :icon_biggrin: :icon_biggrin:

Seriously mate, choosing is half the fun :icon_thumright:
Welcome! and yes... the addiction just will get worse. Feed it as long as you can fund it!  :)
BB in SC
I do have have some pics ready to post,
I just need to post them.

I think I'm leaning towards a Korina Lp or a Soloist, but I don't have a Strat and I think a back routed Tobacco Burst AAAAA maple top on Swamp Ash with a coil tap bridge Alnico II Pro™ and  Alnico II Pro™ Flat APS-2  for the middle & neck.
and a maple neck with rosewood board would sound amazing.
Go hardtail on the strat and get the back bursted too :evil4: :evil4: :evil4: :guitaristgif:
I like that idea willyk.
A burst on a nice peice of Swamp Ash for the back.
Hardtail all the way I'm not a wammy fan.
An ex girl friend of mine once asked me that................she wasn't talking about guitars.
Bill in SC said:
And for what purpose would one burst the back?
BB in SC

Because even the plainest wood doesn't deserve black gloss which is what most bursted guitars end up with. (at least on the showcase :binkybaby:)

and swamp ash looks bloody marvellous with a terbakky burst! :toothy12: :toothy12: :icon_thumright:
I agree the back should not necessarily be black unless it is a God awful looking piece of wood. Perhaps just a natural finish. Just seems a waste to go to the trouble to burst the back. Just MHO...
BB in SC
YAY HARDTAILS! My Warmoth hardtail Strat is bursted on the back, and I chose it from the showcase for that reason, among others, but I love the look.  The back is some sweet swamp ash with a great grain pattern, and I'm glad it's not covered up!



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Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo! No H-S-S, pleaseeee!!!!  :icon_biggrin:

Put in the neck, instead, a humbucker-sized P90!

And hey, you already have a Tobacco Burst and shall probably love it to want a second... But, try another finish or another woods  :blob7:

I have a little fall for Flamed Koa  :)
Hey NonsenseTele

I noticed on this board you like the P90.
I almost put a SD Phatcat in the neck PU of  my Tobbacco Lp
Do you think this is something I shold try in an LP ?
I think your idea in the Strat would be a nice touch and not usually done and I do like the sound of a P90.
You got me thinking about a differant color since I own 3 Tobacco bursts and 1 Faded cherry Burst.
I did see a Strat on this board with a Trans Brown Birdseye top that blew me away.
My first thought was a Birdseye top on an Lp, But I see they don't do birdseye tops on Lp's.
Bill in SC said:
And for what purpose would one burst the back?
BB in SC

To match the front & neck like I did on my '61 Thinline Tele, looks sharp:
dude, let the imagination run wild.

since i just got my tobacco burst quilt maple strat, i'm now moving on to drooling over a different finish... and different woods.
i'm digging a tele in Candy Turquoise with a maple/ebony neck, black pickguard, single in the bridge, lipstick in the neck... twangy. blah blah blah
soooo many options... green dye vip, vintage white traditional strat...
just hang on the site and let your imagination go wild.
use the gallery, the showcase, and this forum to build on ideas and concepts.
i'm saving a cherry burst finish for a plain maple top carved LP.
rock on.

I'm not sure imike24 knows quite what this forum is about............???