New WM Strat in Belize


Just got it together. A few minor bugs but it wasn't so hard. I'm really happy with it. Swamp Ash body, Birdseye Maple with ebony fretboard, Schaller mini locking tuners, Wilkinson floater bridge, Fralin Blues Special pups.
Plays great. A bit heavy but I guess that's what makes it sustain better than my vintage 70s American strat? A bit of sanding on the frets, setting string height and bridge etc. I'm pretty stoked overall.
There are some things that'll never go out of style, and a sunburst Strat is one of those things!

Very nice!

What do you think of the Wilkinson bridge compared to what you've played with in the past?
I honestly don't use a trem much when I play. But this one doesn't feel as....bouncy? Softer on the return. The springs are much less tense than the ones on my other two strats.( All have 4 springs).  When setting it up, I tightened the spring screws down to what felt like my others, and it pinned the trem to the body. I really had to loosen them up to get 1/8th inch clearance. If I put this small amount of tension on the other one, it will flatten the B string when bending the G a whole note above the 12th fret. ...but not the WM...?? Not sure why.
The SRV contour has taken some getting used to. I always have had standard thins. But it's my favorite now. I got a capacitor in now also and have tone control on the neck pickup.