New tele in the house <again>


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body arrived today -

how in hell does one order from reranch - says you need an account from yahoo store etc etc?
That's strange, I just faked an order there, it went straight through to the payment page. Did it ask for the Yahoo crap before or after you enter payment info?
I don't remember how, but I do remember getting really PO'd trying to order paint from them, just getting to the order page was a real pisser.

The site is really screwed up, or at least the way it's put together. I don't know how many times I ended up with an unauthorized access or whatever, I finally did get in and bought 20 cans of paint  From this page select "The Products", then scroll to the bottom of page and and select a category from "buy reranch products online" Then I do believe it's straight forward from there
Yah I see, that worked, the other links go to some yahoo thing - really weird.  But... seems to be ok.  Gonna get some blonde spray for the body... recreate my ol 72.
bill the owner sells paint perodicly.....if it goes to the yahoo page it means that the store is closed for a while which means that you will have to check back every once in a while(every couple of days) to try to catch him....
Ane we're home on Saturday night, so we're obviously bored out of our skulls.





The plan here is for a white blonde finish, BB#1 in the neck, hottish tele pickup at the bridge, which will be slotted, and a Bixby B5 installed.  The neck.. just a hint of tint.  Gonna see if I can scrape up some Fender F tuners, maybe an F neckplate too.  Try and make it like my old, long gone, 72 tele.  Maybe even a bit of relic added, dunno yet.  I do know that my old 72 was pretty opaque on the edges, and more transparent on the front and back, and I'm hoping the black grain fill will help that sort of "see the grain" through the finish look.  This body weighs 4lbs 2oz... pretty light!

Grain filler is StewMac black, waterbased.  Ya cant hardly scrape too much off with the bogus credit card (sample) I'm using.  Thats to keep the sanding to reasonable levels.  Filler is hard to sand off.  I like the 3m sandnig block (rubber) for the flat spots.  Keeps a very flat finish that way.  As I cannot spray a thing here with this weather, I'll let this filler sit a week, then sand it back and give it coat #2.  This body is not as coarse as the thinline I just did, so maybe we can get by with 3 coats of filler.  Takes about 15m to go over the body and cover it with filler.
Sweet grain filler....drool.  My first Tele be on it's way soonish....untill then, I'm just going to sit around with this big ole case of Tele envy.  Sounds like you have got a glorious plan going on there -CB-, as usual. 
Boatneck, not Fatback.  I dunno... I think I like the Fatback better, but really... its all just splittin' hairs, as even skinny necks pose no issues.
anything special you doing with that grain-filler, CB? Im on about the 6th grain-fill and sand back on a mahogany body and while the grain filler is in the pours, it wont fill them up so they are flat and level with the surface of the wood. Ive used the credit card every time...tried slathering it on once...didnt help....tried warming up the grain-filler in an oven once..didnt help. my arms are sore from sanding. btw ive been using 400 grit sand paper.