New Spray Toy


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I used my new compressor for the first time today.  I went from a 2.5 CFM on my old one to 12.4 CFM on this one.  I shot 5 tweed cabinets; 3 stand-alone reverbs, 1 Deluxe, 1 Bassman, and never had to wait for the compressor to catch up to me.  Now all I have to do is get the spray booth set up so I don’t blow myself up.


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Can I have one of those Reverbs?  JK!!! It is on my running dream list of junk to clutter up that corner my wife let's me keep my gear in.  Nice new toy, too.  All the pictures you post look like you are doing everything in your garage, and I was just curious what your neighbors think you are doing in there?
I have great neighbors, plus they love seeing the guitars get finished.  It helps that the guy across the street paints custom choppers. Between the two of us we have been responsible for half of the Polar Ice Cap melt due to all the VOC we are squirting into the ozone.  LOL! 
Thanks thumb55!  No full time spraying lacquer for me.  I make a whole lot more money selling paint and lacquer than putting it on.  Besides if I did it full time it would just be a job and I think it would lose some of the wonder and magic.  That or I would go crazy having to let so many beautiful guitars leave my house.  I don't know how those guys at Warmoth manage to pack the really great ones and send them off.  
Tonar8353 said:
 I don't know how those guys at Warmoth manage to pack the really great ones and send them off.  

They probably keep all the best ones to themselves.
what's the story on the cabinets? you refinninsh those or are they new?

These cabinets are new Mojo cabinets being finished for Uncle Spot Amps They can be ordered finished from Mojo but Ron Veil from Uncle Spot prefers my finish over Mojo’s so he orders them unfinished and I finish them for him.  If you have a cabinet that needs new tweed or tolex check out Ron’s web sight and he can take care of it for you.

PS More Power, LOL you got it CD!