new project deluxe 5 Rick


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so far gotten the plans from Jamie at and started the mock-up to se if everything would fit.

Rickenbacker basses have the bridge way forward compared to fenders + shorter scale + 20 frets instead of 22. Ill be eliminating the overhang and last two frets..still wont have very good upper fret access but I never go there much anyway.

planning to use SD NYC Phase II passive pups. sorta like two jazz bass pickups in one soapbar. works well with my stag-mags should with these.



looking cool! I love DIY projects because they are always unusual and interesting. Can't wait to see it completed...
alder body (for ease of finishing) and maple 13 degree warmoth neck +rosewood board. I will try using stew mac nitro cans this time around. Cherry red.

after thinking about this overnight im not really happy with the upper fret acccess. What ill do is wait to get the body blank and probably compress the body shape a bit so that the upper part is down a bit . Also, probably have to top rout it and make a custom pickgaurd.

got an email back from Dan at Warmoth...looks like they dont have a jig big enough to fit a deluxe 5 body blank for routing. :sad1:

ill just make a G5!!!!