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Hello - I just finished finishing my new maple/maple Warmoth Pro neck and now I am ready to set it up.  Approximately how many turns (of the base flathead screw) does it normally take to "straighten" the neck per the instructions?

Thanks in advance!

might I suggest you choose a forum for your question, and then go delete the 100 other identical posts in other forums? it's poor nettiquette to cross post the same question ... it kinda makes you out to be on par with a spammer (which I don't believe was your intention)

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Hey Spaulding, you must think that each category that you post a question in, is only read by people who visit that subject, where in fact most of us here click on the " show unread posts since last visit" at the top of the screen.

What this does is show us all the unread posts, so we see all of your posts, we see all three( at least) of your identical questions. If you click on that button now, you will see what i mean
When I said most of us, I was talking about most of us, who know how to get on here and read what we haven't read yet. And I thought for sure you would have been in the "most of us" category.

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What I do is just look at the icons on the side - and whatevers' got a dot in color... and if it interests me... I click on it.

I mean how can you say most of us?  Did you take a poll?  Send out a questionaire?  Jeeze.
I said most of us because this is a topic that has been discussed before, and that was the general consensus at the time.

That combined with excercising some common sense that other people with common sense would surf this site as I would, and they put those options at the top for just such a purpose,

And given the fact that you have nearly 600 posts, and you submit your 2 cents on nearly every post, I figured you were surfing the easy way.

The whole point is, spaulding needs to figure this out more than you or I do. I believe however you get to your posts, is working for you. As it is for me..