New neck just arrived!!1!


after weeks of waiting my new j bass neck finally came! the neck wood is bubinga and the fingerboard is pau ferro (=true love forever). I had envisioned myself screwing it on to my bass, throwing some strings on and rocking out. I didn't take into consideration all the adjustments needed. Please correct me if I'm wrong but as far as I understand I need to:

install tuner machines (i figure this should be pretty easy)
install a D & G string retainer (or do I even need one?),
adjust truss rod,
level frets,
and finish w/ a laquer

Should someone unexperienced like myself try to do these things, or should I bite the bullet and figure it out?

also, does bubinga even need a finish or a lacquer?

No lacquer needed! Bubinga does not require a finish.
Installing tuners is pretty simple, though you may need to enlarge the holes if the bushings don't fit. Truss rod adjustment is simple EXCEPT, it must be done carefully and slowly, lots of good tutorials on the web.
Frets are best left to someone with experience, imho.
Let's see some pics!!
the frets most likely won't need any work.
no finish

and do your self a favor, and get a roller style string tree, or get one of these