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Ok, so on a random note, I just the best turkey sandwich on the planet... Anywho, I leave for GIT (The guitar Institue?) in Los Angeles In 2-3 weeks. I was so excited when I got the call on being accepted, But now I'm thinking I need a new guitar to make it through school. So I was thinking... A Soloist body, Basswood with a flame maple top, dyed blue. HSH pickup configuration, a hardtail bridge, a maple and maple Jackson neck with a wizard conture and black sharkfin inlays, and all black hardware. Any Suggestions, Thoughts, ideas? It would be greatly appreciated.~James
sounds good, but hurry up and order, or get something from the showcase, you only got three weeks.

honey turkey is the best, especially with pepper jack and mustard.
Well, Thing is I'm not in too big of a hurry to just order out of the showcase... I can have the parts shipped to me in LA, and assemble it there. No big deal. Love me some honey turkey XD
Congrats on the GIT gig! I thought about going there a LONG time ago, but never pulled that trigger...

I like the cajun smoked turkey we get around these parts...
i got ya.  sounds good, but what you gonna do for pups?

muskeet turkey!
I've only had cajun beef, but it was good, now i really want to try some cajun smoked turkey.
Forget about get a body and neck before than 5/6 weeks... If you want they painted add more time...
Or get something ready to go  :icon_biggrin:
Seeing as how you're going for the shredder thing (GIT and Soloist gave it away).  I think you should do one of the 7/8 sized bodies with the 24 fret necks like Gregg's Black Korina "Super Strat".  You have the cool sleek look of the Soloist, and you also get 24 frets that are totally clear of the body (if I understood the whole 7/8 schpeel correctly) that facilitate the actual use of the last 2 frets which to me, when I shred, is important.  Check out the pic below.  I does cost a bit more than a standard option Warmoth, but that's what having something custom is all about isn't it!

I'm thinking that body/neck shape with a set of Dimarzios.  Tone Zone in the bridge, Air Norton in the neck, HS-3 in the middle, it's the classic shredder combo!  Or if you're really daring, and you have the chops, jump for the Evolutions.  The Evolution neck pickup is my absolute favorite lead voice of any guitar tone.  However, if you have even the least little bit of slop in your technique, these pickups will let it be known.  Congrats on getting into GIT, I'm auditioning for Berklee next year and can't wait!

Ok, Well First off let me say, thanks for all the imput and congrats  :headbang: (keep it coming) XD And Rose, I really like your 24 fret 7/8 idea... But to the guys Who were asking what I was doing for the pickups, I was thinking, Seymour duncan SH-6 Humbuckers bridge and neck (really love those pickups, but am still very open to suggestions) and just a plain jane fender single coil for the middle PU.
If I were 20 again and things were different,  I would definitely go to GIT.
Honey turkey and Havarti  Panini.  :laughing8:
i belleive gregg said that warmoth can route any warmoth body for that neck. it is hand work and not a standard option so i don't know about the price. another concideration is that that neck only comes in a short gibson scale. if you prefer a fender scale length you'll need to get one with an extension on the fret board. with this you get a gap unless you have a pickguard. imho the 7/8 strat just has a cool factor. i'd go for it.

and +1 on the panini