new guitar is finished..


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I had a disaster when fitting hardware to the neck, the paint on the headstock peeled off, I guess it wouldn't stick to shellac... but I figured that the finish that's left still looks good and the flame isn't obscured by the lacquer so I decided to flake the rest of the finish off and leave it be, and I put on the decal again but this time it's protected with nothing more than one thin coat of shellac that's rubbed on. The decal on the back isn't protected at all...






The neck is koa, body is ash, planet wave tuner, graphite nut, Dimarzio Tone Zone/blue valvet x2 pickup, wilkinson tremolo....
Looking good Rahimiiii,  I love that neck!  I know this was a long time in the making  (I remember when you were posting about the Dragonburst finishing process)  I bet that you've got that great old delayed gratification feeling!
She's a beauty.  I love that dragonburst, very unique, especially on woods other than quilt maple  :icon_thumright:
If you got so excited while photographing it that you felt compelled to remove your trousers, it HAS to be a great guitar!!!


Very nice indeed.  How does it sound?

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I am not one to judge the tone of anything but I took it to a guitar shop (so I can borrow some setup tools) and he said the ash makes things sound a little bright but overall the guitar sounds aggressive with the humbucker turned on. He thinks the neck is too thick though (it's a boatneck) but I like this neck for playing chords...
Gregg Stewart said:
Please post pictures in the Gallery section too! 

I tried to but I got a 500 error "there's not enough space on disk"

Can you look and see what happened?
Those are the PW Autotrim locking tuners right? how are they? I almost bought them but went for sperzels instead, the "Autotrim" was too much for me.
I only have one problem though, I don't know if it's the B hefner tremolo route being wrong or something else because the trem block sits right on the front wall of the route preventing any sort of upward movement. I guess if I wanted to do a reverse divebomb I could either loosen the spring and let the trem sit at an angle or remove like 1/8 inch of wood from the front wall of the trem cavity... but I really don't want to have to buy a router (and spend a lot more on the needed bits)
the burst on ash always looks good, and the koa neck is awesome as well. a very nice strat.