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Well, after playing a few years and have always had the hobby of a "Do It Yourself" person, I decided to try my hand at guitar building.

I have already decided that I want it to be based on the V-2 Jackson (Randy Rhoads Model) that is played by the guys in Trans Siberian Orchestra. When I went to the order form to make sure I had all the necessary information ready I got a little stumped. It is going to be a V-2 Basswood body with a recessed Schaller Floyd Rose tremolo. The problems I am starting to have with all these blanks I need to fill in are with Pot Hole Locations, Switch Slot Position and The size of the Jack Hole. Really I just need someone to explain to me what pot hole locations are and the same with switch slot position. So any help is greatly appriciated  :toothy11: Thanks!
Pot hole location:-  where you want the control knobs to be located.
Switch slot location:- same thing
Size of Jack hole:- Warmoth offer different sizes for different preferences and plate types.

The order form has to cover every model. Some of the options aren't always applicable to every choice of  guitar type. You might not want a blade switch at all for instance. so you would omit it.
If you look on this page: shows the default option, looks like V-T-T, the fourth larger hole is for a 1/2" Gibson style PU toggle switch. They will drill holes differently, but you'll have to call/email if the exact option you want isn't listed on the web-based order form.

They'll do custom control routing as well; like LP routing on a Telecaster for an upcharge, but with a V-2 body you're going to be limited to that std. route as there's no room to do much else.