Need some advice / opinions on colors of humbucker mounting rings


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hey guys,

as my first warmoth project is coming together pretty soon now (hoping to receive my parts from puyallup in a few weeks!), i am now planning the details of the setup.

i have a vw carved top body (black korina with flamed maple top) in black dye color with a natural lipover-binding.
rest of the body will be transparent to show the (hopefully) amazing korina wood.

the pickups, that are going to be used on my warmoth build are:
- a bare knuckle pickups nailbomb humbucker with aged nickel cover in the bridge position and
- a harmonic design z-90 with white pearl cover in the neck position.

now what do you guys think, with which color(s) should i go for the humbucker mounting rings??
i don't know if two black rings will be to dark?
i'd go for two cream colored (or even better aged white / parchment), but will this look good with the white pearl cover of the z-90?

i saw some of you made up some "mock-ups" in photoshop of different guitar-setups, any hints on how to do this?
are there graphic resources availlable for doing so, or did you make you own?

shagga   :eek:ccasion14:
hey shagga

I always preffered VW's without humbucker covers, but I suppose your pups are covered eh?

try this link...

Hmm that Korina should be deadly with the BKP nailbomb, thats a pretty hot and very versatile pup. Never heard of harmonic design though :icon_scratch:

good luck and remember, we all like to see LOTS of... :kewlpics: :kewlpics: :kewlpics: :kewlpics: :kewlpics: :kewlpics:
Don't like without mounting rings? in VW I think it looks better...
If you don't,  I dunno if it exist, but try to find perloid covers... or white...
Black I don't think get ok in chrome/nickel covers except for black guitars like LP custom, but perhaps work in your...
shagga said:
now what do you guys think, with which color(s) should i go for the humbucker mounting rings??
i don't know if two black rings will be to dark?

Well black goes with everything, but white makes my ass look too big.


I mean, you can get rings in:

Black, White, Silver, Gold, Creme, Maple, Rosewood, Ebony, Mahogany, Zebrawood, Goncalo, and other fine woods (check eBay for the wooden rings). 

And quite looking at my ass.
Z90's are supposed to be VERY good.  Don't discount the great tone from the P94 too.  IMHO, the best HB/90 tone there is (maybe short of the Z90, which I've not yet played with).  Tremendously powerful and in-yo-face they are.  Big bottom, snarly mids n highs.  A caricature of a p90 in many ways - like Nixon's skislope nose, there's no mistaking it.
sure i'll post pics (hopefully kewl ones!) and a thorough review of the finished build plus opinions on the pups and all!  :headbang1:

CB, you are right! possibilities are almost endless..

i don't know about not using rings, this would mean the pickup-height can not be adjusted, right?

well, i'll see how it all comes together when the warmoth parts are finally here!

thanks guys! :)