Need some advice on quantities


I would like to know if anyone could tell me approximately how much of each of these products I would need to finish one electric guitar. I realize it would only be a guess but it you could give me a ballpark figure on how much I should buy, I would appreciate it.
Grain filler
Sanding sealer
Nitro Lacquer

Just a rough idea would be 1 pint 1 quart 2 quarts, etc,
Having never used it I have no idea.
Could depend on what wood(s) you're using, and what makes you think you can stop at one guitar anyway???
Heh, well, for the second part of the question, this is going to be my second build, and I'm just deluding myself I guess.
For the first part, it is going to be a mahogany body. I will be using Tung Oil for the neck so won't need nitro for it.
My first guitar was done entirely with Tung Oil which turned out well, but I want to do something different with my next one.
Erik said:
Grain filler
Sanding sealer
Nitro Lacquer

One StewMac can of grain filler.
One quart Deft sanding sealer (brush on)
Six to eight Deft aerosol cans of lacquer
since thats the least you can buy from Deft, yes

since I'm suggesting the use of off the shelf items (except for stewmac grain filler...), and deft is available at WalMart... you go with what they offer.  FWIW though, the quart is really cheap, about $8, and one some woods, can be eliminated.  The poster didn't reveal his wood (OMFG if he had!).  So ya goes with what ya got.
I didn't know that was minimum qty.; I never measured, but doubt I ever used more than 8 oz total on a mahogany body, if that really....