need help wiring a warmoth strat


whats up everybody, just got all my parts for my strat and need some help on wiring it up.
I got a Dimarizo mo joe humbucker,and 2 YJM single coils.
1 vol and a 5 way switch
and a .oo1 capacitor (for tone loss at low vol)
i have a wiring kit from warmouth
kit contains red,white,black wire
and some sheilded wire ( not sure where to use the sheilded wire)
i have a wiring diagram but it has tone pots
not sure how to wire it without the tone pot.
and do i wire the ground to the trem claw.
if anyone can help me with a diagram that would be great
if we can post pics i'll post a pick when i'm done
the warmouth parts are very high quailty
thanks for your help in advance
whitespot :rock-on:
no tone pots no problem. just leave them out entirely.
yes ground the claw. wire all grounds to a single point like the back of the volume or make a ground harness.
Have you thought about an independent volume control for each pickup?