need help finding sanding sealer


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so i live in toronto canada....i have looked and called the major hardware stores like home depot, wal mart and canadian tire... knowbody knows what i'm talking about when i say "do you have s and s" does anybody know where i can get it in canada or order it that will deliver to me..

ps. reranch wont deliver to me
Don't they carry the Deft in aerosols at Walmart or Ace/True Value Hardware stores up there, or are you up in caribou country?
I just bought a spray can of deft sanding sealer a week ago, so do I spray that directly to the brush?

Got Mine at ace hardware
no....wal mary dosent have...i live in the heart of the biggest city in canada......can somebody show me a pic of the s and s bottle so i can go on my adventure with talking to the idiots at the stores
In the US you can find the sanding sealer at WalMart, Home Depot and most Ace/True Value hardware stores....

Here's a link with a picture:

Try calling them at 800-548-DEFT
FWIW you don't need to use a sanding sealer. All a manufacturer does to make sanding sealer is add zinc stearate (soap) to their finish. This makes the grain that is raised with the first coat a little easier to sand i.e. less clogging of the sandpaper. It isn't necessary. Just apply a coat of the finish you're going to use and sand away. BTW when using Lacquer it isn't necessary to sand between coats except to remove the occasional dog hair or gross dust, since each coat "melts" itself into the coat below it. It is necessary however when applying a reactive finish such as varnish or poly since you need to give the new coat something to grab onto (the scratches).

Also the sterate used in sanding sealer will decrease transparancy and I think it will make finishes not stick as well, as well as causing problem with certain reactive finishes...

You can use regular clear lacquer and then sand with 3M fre-cut sandpaper (available at Stewmac or I think Home Depot was carrying them as well) which has a coating that prevents clogging.
If you want a sanding sealer that you can use on all kinds of projects, underneath any sort of finish like water or oil-based poly, lacquer etc., you want to find some wax-free shellac. You can buy it in flake form and mix your own with denatured alcohol - $10 worth of flakes is a lifetime supply - or there's a premixed product called "Bulls Eye SealCoat" from Zinnser that you can order through your hardware store. It's a good idea to make the acquaintance with the best hardware store in town anyway - it won't be a Best Buy or Ace, choose the one with the huge rack of tiny little screws and the biggest selection of long, tiny & odd-sized drill bits, you'll be glad you did. :icon_biggrin:

You just want to buy Michael Dresdner's book "The Wood Finishing Book" anyway, but here's a page on sealing from one of his other books:  :hello2:
Plus one for Stubhead.  I'm from Toronto as well and was faced with the same problem as yours early last year when I was finishing mg Gecko bass.  Couldn't find a darn store, big or small, that carried sanding sealer.  Initially thought that it was available up here but called something else.  One Home Depot sales personel suggested shellac, in fact shoving the same can of Zinnser Bulls Eye as Stubhead mentioned into my arms.  I thought the guy was off his rocker since I always equated shellac (rightly or wrongly) with varnish and likewise thought that a shellac "sealer" might not be compatible with some forms of topcoat (poly, etc.).  Experimented with some junk wood and found out the guy was right!  Didn't find any problems with the shellac sealer.