Neck Relief


I've just nearly finished my first Strat project and I am setting up the neck. When I checked for neck relief there was none,  capo on 1st, fretting at 14th, and the strings were hard on the fret at the 7th, in fact all frets. It's been strung up for a week so I would have thought the neck would have stabilised by now. Anyway I have turned the truss rod adjuster 1/2 a turn anti clockwise and still no neck relief. I don't want to turn it any more as it feels a bit stiff, any advice anyone?
Hey Rockville,

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If your neck is a Warmoth neck, call the Warmoth number and ask for me later today.  :icon_thumright:
fretting at the 14th?  I always go on the 14th on an acoustic - where it joins the body, but on an electric, esp a Fender style, go for the 21st or 22nd fret.
uh, call gregg? Seriously, it may just take more adjustment. I had to turn it a pretty decent amount to get any relief on the last W neck.