Neck Profiles


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I always liked Standard thin, because that is what I am used to! I would love trying something different, but want to test a couple of different profiles.

I have big hands, so I am thinking 'Fat' would be good. I also like the idea of an asymetric neck.
So hopefully you can help point me in the right direction:

- do all Wolfgangs (MM, Peavey, OLP) have an asymetric neck? how about the renamed models after Eddie fired them?
- which guitars do have the 'Fat' and which have a Boat Profile?

I have played Clapton Strats, and didn't like the V profile. I have a couple of guitars with Wizzard necks which I like, but give me cramp after a while.. a regular LP has either a thin or 59 roundback, correct?

Looks like I have to go to GC again to pretend I am actually buying a guitar from them  :icon_biggrin: :icon_biggrin:

I've always had standard thins too and I like them a lot. They are similar to my Fender necks ('89 American strat and '03 American tele). But I also have an '83 strat which has a fatter neck and a high gloss finish. I hate the finish but love the deeper profile hence a recent switch to a boatback. I think you'd like it. It has a very subtle V not at all like the Clapton more like a worn down Fatneck ??? Anyway good luck and best wishes for the holiday....Willy
I have the SRV contour. It is very comfortable. I have always liked a fat neck. I got rid of my USA Fender cause the neck was thin and not comfortable for extended periods of playing. The asymetrical seems very natural in hand. I have a rather large hands ( glove size xl ) and I can play this neck all day.

Good Luck!

hard to say ... I got thin, play em fine
I got fat, play em fine
one of these days a boat to be different... I'm sure it'll be fine
I've got the warmoth wolfgang contour (don't know about other manufacturers'), and I'm pretty happy. Really comfortable for intricate jazzy chording up on the neck. I find it makes me play with a lighter grip, somehow. Makes it difficult to play with my thumb over the neck, so that's a problem for me.

I also have the SRV contour which - if you don't think about it while playing - just feels like a neck with a little more meat to it. Real comfortable, I prefer it to the wolfgang in that it feels really natural, to me anyways.

Got to try the standard thin at some point.. I know it's thinner than my strat, so I've avoided it thus far.
I like my clapton neck, bit I've noticed it's better for thumb-around and open chords than for classical position. My hands are L or XL depending on the glove size. next one is going to be standard thin, for speed. I know I don't like the super-thin ones and I don't think I like the big fat ones either. Eventually I'll get SRV or 59 round.
I've got a wenge boatneck that I luv. On the plus, it feels a lot like my favorite guitar of all time, a 1950's Epiphone Century archtop that I'm just too afraid to gig. Having that feel on a bolt-on is perfect for me. On the minus, it's heavy. I have it on a korina strat body that balances nicely, but the thing pains my shoulder after a couple hours at practice. It's worth it, though.