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i tried a tele today (mexican i think?) that was based off a '62 tele. i really dug the neck, it had a nice meaty feel without being TOO thick. what would be the closest warmoth contour to this? i also played a strat that had a "soft v" contour, would this be similar to a boatneck?
I think that is the Fender "C" shaped's sorta in between as far as thickness goes. I have a standard MIM Tele with the same neck. it's thicker than my strat and Hamer but  not as thick as the "U" shaped necks that Fender uses on their American tele's.  Id say close to the 59' roundback but other's here would have a better idea.

If I had to guess, what you're talking about bpmorton is not as large as the 59 roundback. Just a guess though
buy the bigest they make, and take a orbital to it when its on ur body string up, and play it, dont like it.. shave it.....that what srv did....when they claim to have a boatneck or v or thinline, they are still very far awy from how hte artist like it, its just a ball park

the warmoth thin is pretty thin, but still.......some gutarist, like to make the top thicker, and the bottom near the heel thinner

its all about preference, with a nice brand orbital with a 200 grit paper, it is very easy to remove minimal amount of wood and be satisfied, just remember go fast and dont stay in one spot for too long.....
I want to know something though, if I manually thin the contour on say a boatneck or a fatback will I run into any problem? I read something about how fatter necks has the truss rods set deeper into the neck compared to thinner necks, so any attempt to thin the neck yourself will break it...

can someone confirm or deny this?
I think the truss rod would be in the same place as on any neck. otherwise the adjustment holes would be in different locations...right?

I'm not an expert on neck construction but I think the truss rod always runs just under the fretboard, right?
i dought the warmoths with the fender truss rods run deaper. and the double expanding ones should go directly under the board. there are diferent design out there so i wouldn't try to turn an oem neck into a wizard contour but i think you're pretty safe with warmoth's pro construcion.

dbw said:
I'm not an expert on neck construction but I think the truss rod always runs just under the fretboard, right?
some of the more mdern designs do but in the classic designs it is arced in a channel. it is deepest around the 9th fret and when you tighten it it wants to straiten pulling back on the head stock and pushing up on the middle of the neck.