Natural Mask Binding


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Hello Everyone!! This is my first post! I recieved my Warmoth Tele project body. It is an Alder hollow body with quilt maple top. I have sanded the body and I am going to use the dyes I got from Stewmac applying with a spray gun.. I would like to do a natural mask binding and I was wondering what tape you all use for this. I have 3m fineline tape and was wondering if this leaves any residue problems? I plan a two color paint job, Blue front with Black back. What is the best procedure for adding the mask binding.  Should I just mask it off then stain and then seal with nitro laquer? Will the dye bleed under the tape?  Any help would be appreciated.



Hey Keith,

I masked off a peghead face with your regular ol' blue painters tape a while ago.  The blue nitro that I sprayed did bleed under the tape the first time.  I was able to sand off most of the bleed through, but neurosis would not let me leave well enough alone.  The second time around, I first sprayed the peghead with a washcoat of clear to fill those crevices, then blue nitro, then clear.
That worked great.  Sharp clean line all around.

I realize that you are staining though.  Since you seem to have spray equipment, perhaps tape off the edges first, hit the whole guitar with a washcoat of lacquer.  Let it dry overnight.  Then hit it with another washcoat (this time adding the dye to the lacquer/thinner mix) to get your color.

If the edges are squared off as in a VIP, you could just sand back the areas where it bleeds through.  I realize staining the wood may be preferable to staining the lacquer.

Best of luck,

As far as the tape, in your situation pinstriping tape from an auto paint retailer may be the best ticket.