I just ordered my first warmoth guitar.
I've been working since January for 4 days a week, 2 weekdays after school, and sat. and Sun. to save up for this guitar.

Its an SG made with Black Korina, a clear gloss finish, original floyd rose tremolo bridge recessed, a 5-way pick-up switch, routed for a humbucker and 2 single coil pickups, a 25" scale maple L.P. neck with a wizard cut, stainless steel frets, jet black ebony fretboard with celtic cross inlays, and a clear gloss finish. I'm going to put in Sperzel locking tuners in teh headstock and for the electronics i ordered a Rio Grand Crunchbox, and two Rio Grande single coil pick-ups (the Vintage tallboy, and a Halfbreed RWRP) all the hardware is black.

I'm soo excited. I can't wait to get and put it together.
I will post pics when its finished.
I just ordered my project a week ago, also my first Warmoth, I know how you feel. Looking forward to pics when it's done!
Nice thing! It's a little uncommon, but if it's what your soul screams for, it's the right thing! :cool01:
Sounds really cool!  I think the black korina with clear gloss should look really nice!