My second-hand Warmoth SG bass


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I bought this after finding it on MusicGoRound's website.  Overall, it's not a bad bass.  It needs some tweaking, but you can tell that Warmoth makes quality parts. 




Birdseye maple neck with ebony fretboard
6150 frets, Corian nut
Black Gotoh GB7 tuners, black Gotoh 201 bridge
Bubinga body (heavy!)
Two passive Villex MM style pickups
vol/tone/vol/tone with 3-way pickup selector
The cat is not for sale.  :icon_tongue:

I don't know about the bass.  I might keep it or I might not.  If I sell, it will probably be parted out on eBay.
was there an upcharge for the figuring on the cat?
(sorry, i am terrible at writing jokes)

i dont think i have ever seen an SG bass with MM style humbuckers. but then again, i have only seen a handful of SG basses.
i think that those ceramic type pickups have less output than the (alnico?) ones with the huge pole pieces, but i am not sure.
does it sound like a musicman or an SG bass?

Well, I've got the thing in pieces now, so unfortunately no sound clips.  :sad1:

Overall, the sound was pretty basic (pardon the semi-pun).  I wouldn't call it Music-Man like at all, although the bridge pickup did have a nice amount of growl and upper midrange to it.