My Padouk Strat, reversed Headstock or not?


Hey there,

what do you think looks better? I can't make my decision.



Reversed or Standard?

Goddamnit, don't start the 80's thread again, Lord knows what pix CB has up his sleeve to post this time....
I usually think:
If you're a guy who stand the guitar on "the chest" like jazzmen: normal headstock...

If you're a guy who stand the guitar like: the cavity for the block+string "joined" to the penis area to below: reverse make a nice visual...
grrrrrrrrr, the only thing bad about to 90s is the r&b, pop music, boy bands, any "alternative" band besides nirvana, alice in chains, and soundgarden, and the birth of starphucks. now the 80s was just a bunch of hair bands playing grab ass and dress-up.  :laughing7:
and the steady decline of acid, only to be replaced by cccccccocain.  :party07:  he knows what i mean.
I love the way the reverse looks. But I absolutely HATE changing strings on them. I prefer the practicality of the traditional headstock. The guitar sits on the workbench (or your lap) much the same as it hangs on you. So I guess it's form vs. function.
Where did you go to make the images?

I've been trying to figure out what my Jazzmaster project will look like with a reversed headstock
i'd go with the reverse, but the fatter CBS headstock :guitaristgif:  and what's with this reverse=80's thing?  it's all over the place. :dontknow:
I didn't know there was a decline in acid in the 80's...the little indian in the tree didn't tell me anything about it.   Seriously though, I've said it before and I will probably say it again,  I just simply do not like reverse headstocks.  I think hey look goofy and it's weird reachin up unda' to tune!  
I love the reverse thing myself, but my friends all think I'm funny that way :tard:  You already have a Floyd Rose, why not?

My current project has a reverse strat headstock, and I can't wait for everybody to make fun of me for it  :icon_tongue:
Personally to me reverse headstocks look good if its a Kramer hockey stick or a pointy Jackson. Ibanez also looks cool, but a regular sized Fender strat headstock looks weird upside down to me. The bigger CBS looks a little better when reversed IMO.
You already have a Floyd Rose, why not?

Ummm, you already have a Floyd, so WHY BOTHER? It looks wrong and bad and dirty, and it doesn't do any GOOD - the whole point of the reverse headstock was to change the length of the high strings so they'd bend easier, but you're locking them anyway :binkybaby: Who could possibly WANT to be wrong and bad and dirty??? :hello2: