my latest project paduak maple


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brougt this over from the last board thought if people see it they think about paduak as a good body choice
it has a fatback birdseye maple neck tung oil finish on neck and body  this combo of woods and elect has super thick tone ex low end pronounced mids and screeming highs and harmonics can you tell im a proud dad
CD said:
That Pauduk looks killer. Is the guitar bright sounding?      this combo is unbeliveable its low end is clear mids are well pronounced and the highs  are vivid without beeing harsh even though it has 1 pickup it has two distinct sounds with the 89 emg coil taped it sounds almost like a neck pup coparied to the hum mode its the best sounding / playing guitar ive ever picked up
I think its a great body choice. Between this guitar and m4rk0's sweet thing, I am having a hard time choosing what I would like to do next. Mmm mmm mmm! Tasty!!


m4rk0's project----------->
the only downfall to this build is it weighs a ton but mass equalls sustain and tone to some deg. the body is 5.2 lbs this whole guitar vibarates when strummed and sounds verry loud and  acoustic when unpluged  like i said before this is the first paduak guitar ive owned this may be normal for this wood id like to here from others that have one . and as for your looking to get a korina my next build is a black korina body weighs 4.2 lbs . its not as pimped out asm4rkos{ that is one amazing custom} im into simpler looking gutars as of late.its just a sure ill move on to a new one soon infact the vips are looking goog to me as of late
thats the natural color of the piece of paduak it has purple orange and dark yellow /orange color in it
i finished it with pure tungoil that has almost no tint to it
heres a pic of the body with out any finish

the picture of the natural body had bad lighting so it looks alot more pale than it was
also the emg pickup has been removed and a tom anderson h3+ was installed now it sounds even better
dude,  I love the finish! how many coats of tung oil did you use on the body? I'd like to get a similar effect on a padauk guitar project I was considereing. please let me know.
if i remember right it has 5 light coats on it you can put alot more if you like a shinnier finish i wanted a more natural look and feel to it
paduak dosent have to have a finnish on it but it protecs the wood from sweat stains and makes it stay more uniformed in color
i just put two coats in one day on it then about  later i put 2 more a final coat and it about a week later after the tackyness was gone and this was the look and feel i wanted
one of the tricks to getting a good tung finish is to wait till its dry between coats
no tint was added to the tung oil or the body it was just an amazing piece of paduak to start with i looked for a paduak body for over a year to get one that had the grain and color i was wanting.i think paduak allways looks pale when photographed raw. this guitar looks way,way better in person . there is alot more figure to the body and neck. the neck has tons of birdseyes in it. and the body has alot of almost a purple color to the stipes i it ill try to get some better pics up tonight
Look at that defective neck that givemetoys has, It might have slipted by me if CB hadn't pointed out one like it in an earlier post. full of them little wooden imperfections, Damn Toys, thats too bad. I have an extra neck I am willing to trade with you, only cuz I wanna help. :toothy10:
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