My Korina Dragonburst

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I've got the guys down at the local axe shop creaming themselves over this one.  One of the guys is pretty cool and he likes to play World of Warcraft (heaven knows I dont) and he says he really likes the finish and wishes he had a guitar that looks like this so he could impress all his nerd buddies with a guitar that has a "dragonburst" finish. lol

Anyway here are the Specs:

Body: Korina on Korina Dragonburst finish. Chambered.
Neck: Ebony on Mahongany, Stainless steel 6105 frets, Grover Rotomatic 18:1 machine heads. 25.5 inch Scale length.
Pups: Neck Seymour Duncan '59 Bridge Seymour Duncan JB
Its wired like a traditional Les Paul with the exception that I switched the knobs around.  the bottom set is for the neck and the top set is for the bridge.  I do most of my playing on the bridge so i wanted the bridges knobs closer.

The Neck Tone pot doesn't work at the moment because I fried the capacitor with the soldering iron while i was wiring up.  Easy fix.  The frets are all amazing nice and level. feels good.  I can bend as far as I want on this baby, the frets are so smooth and the ebony board is so slick.  This guitar sounds like a Semi Acoustic when its not plugged it.  Its so loud and has so much sustain.  When I play it not plugged in you can hear the reverberations through the body as though I had a  Plate Reverb plugged into it.














I love the Fender Scale length on this thing.  Its feels much different from my Dean EVO (another les paul style guitar with a 24 7/8 inch scale)
Thank you Warmoth for dealing with me during the weeks it took to get this thing out the door.
I freakin Love this guitar!
yessir it tuned out sweet bet i sounds just as good there is nothing better than a brand new finished project except for mabey the next one congrats on the build
How do you like the Duncan JB/59 combo on that thing?  I've never actually tried either of those.  Had a Custom Custom in the bridge position of my old SG for a while, and really didn't care for it much.  Got HighOrders in my current Warmoth Les Paul.  You can check it out on the "Sykes" thread in this section.  Interesting burst and wood choice.  I'd love to build a Korina Explorer sometime.  I kinda wondered about trying the chambered thing on my Les Paul; but went solid instead.
I like the pickup combinations in it.
I was kind of trying to replicate the Dean USA Soltero (since they cost about 5500 bucks) but put my own twist on it.
I like a lot of punch and the JB delivers. and the Chambering really adds resonance without muddying it up.  Its loud to play unplugged for a solid body electric.

I remember your guitar though.  On the old forum you responded to my original post for help about 4 or 5 months ago.  thanks.. it helped.