My body/neck finishing tripod stand (beware dialheads! Mongo-pics!)


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I finally had a bit of sunshine & a few minutes so I thought I'd laud my own genius. I modified one neck plate by taking a slice off a side of it:


I modified the head of a $5 Salvation Army camera tripod so that the neck plate would slide down into it:


Here is what happens:


Here is how I use nuts and washers to keep the body up off the neck plate:


Here is the modified neck plate screwed into a neck, using just enough of the threads to hold and always using the necks screws that I'll actually be mounting that particular neck with:


I use a little block of wood with various thicknesses of mousepad taped to it to get the right height off the neck without engaging too much screw:


The single most useful thing about this, besides being able to rotate it and change the angle and height, is that I live in a crowded place.



When Monster-Boy & Auxiliary Cat are in a supervisory mode (NOT pictured below) it becomes extremely helpful to be able to slap a coat of goo on the body in the kitchen and pick up the whole tripod and stash it in the closet till the goo dries, repeat as necessary.


There are also some normal camera tripods that pop up at the Salvation Army for $5 too:


They take a head which clamps right in, and which could be modified to fit a neck plate easily enough, as pictured on the left below:


What's pictured on the RIGHT there is the crowning glory - it's another neck plate with a hole through the center, as you might have noticed my modded plate has a hole too. By drilling out an appropriately-sized sized inset in the neck cavity of a guitar, and using that big delrin spacer-type thing, this means that you can mount an entire bolt-neck guitar on the stand in rotate-able, height-adjustable playing position when the tripod isn't full of projects - just imagine the modded plate mounting under the bolt head which is resting on the block of wood in the picture. The bolt pokes through on the other side and I prefer a big washer to hold the wood firmly:


So I had to inset a 3/4" hole about 3/8" deep into the neck pocket of an Ibanez bolt-neck. No pictures of that, I've only got one guitar modified to do my cool rockstar guitar-in-the-air thing right now and when it's put back together with its own neck plate, you can't even see the mod. Of course you can save a lot of time by not dicking around with Warmoths in the first place, and just buying an already-perfect guitar for $25,000:


That is so clever that I don't understand it... at all... :icon_scratch:
"its a plan so genius my head would explode if i even began to know what i was talking about."    :doh:
Alfang said:
just looking for a reason to post pics of his cats

Looks to me like: He said that the house is crowded of cats... It's an absolute risk to your new finish job hehehehehehe the tripod helps to keep they away...
Soloshchenko said:
This is actually pretty clever in a weird way! I get it. I simply hang my stuff off curtain rails in my house.

LOL That's exactly what I do too, keeps the parts up high in the warm spot to cure, The wife doesn't like the smell of laquer paint though.