Music on the net


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If any of you guys have your own music on the net what say you post a link?? :headbang:

Here's some older stuff of mine :toothy11:

Kudos fellas :icon_thumright:

I always like listening to other people's stuff.. I'm shocked only two others posted links :icon_scratch:
Got a few covers posted on Acidplanet...can't wait til a Warmoth is added to my gear.

you gotta go down the page to where it says "view my files" and click on it.  these are the only two songs that were within the file size limit.  Intensity is an acoustic jam me and my boy AJ made and Warmin Up is a live number from when we played at one of the bars out here in NC.


now that i think about it, you might have to have a facebook acount to use the link....not sure tho