Modern construction truss rod question


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I have in my possession a Gibson-scale-conversion Warhead neck, which is supposed to be Modern construction, and thus have a dual-action truss rod.  It has the neck heel truss rod adjustment nut, as well as the side adjust mechanism. 

The thing is, I just realized that the heel nut can be unscrewed completely.  I didn't think adjustment nuts could come off of a dual action truss rod?  Or is this just a function of the way the side adjust works?  This is my first Warmoth neck.
So they are safe to use around small children and pets!

But to answer my question, they aren't dual action rods, and I'd assume that double rod meant the same thing.  Also, I don't think the side adjust option would work with an actual dual action rod, given the design differences.
Right, they're not dual action.  The cool thing about them is that they act against themselves to apply force to the neck to resist string tension, instead of acting against the wood of the neck.  That means there should be much less need to adjust relief for seasonal temperature and humidity changes, since wood is not part of the truss rod system.
I have 3 modern construction necks now.

A '99 tilt back head with top adjust.
An '09 tele with heel/side adjuster
And a '22 with another tiltback.

All have been stellar in performance.

They even sound good