Mis-matching Warmoth Tele parts


Has this happened to anyone else?

I'm leaving the build to a professional luthier, because quite fankly I want my Tele done right and I'm just not the person to do it.

So he calls me and tell me that the string ferrules and electrosocket are both too big for my Tele body.  The ferrules were an easy fix, as he just had to rout them out a tiny bit, but he was surprised about the electrosocket, saying that usually every Warmoth he builds (he's done quite a few) is perfect.
He will be able to widen the routing so everything is copacetic. 

So my question is this:  Would this be a result of the finish perhaps, or just a random error?

For the record, the body, ferrules and socket are all Warmoth, ordered from the website.  And the body is Mohagany with a clear gloss finish.
The holes are drilled the intended size on raw parts. If there is a finish, yes, you'll be sanding some of the finish from tuner holes on necks and control holes, input jack holes and ferrule holes on bodies. Even the body's neck pocket gets finish lipped over the edge so that often times that needs cleaned up as well with a few swipes of a sanding block.
Well now I know!

The gloss finish appears to be very thick (and luscious...)  so I figured that was probably the issue.  But as I said, he said it was no problem to fix.
If he's a professional luthier, why is he worrying you with the minor details, (which are on the scale of expected, as its raw parts, and give or take this or that, a guy will more likely than not, have some minor little details to attend to.)

I ordered a side jack (on a "finished body" as well, and probably the issue as you mentioned) and had to needle file out the socket hole a little to get the jack socket to fit as well; but my thoughts were, hey at least I know its nice and snug, which too me seems like a better Idea than it being sloppy and having play.
I didn't blink an eye at the Idea of having to do a little filing, as the mark of quality is custom fit not predrilled fit all quick and easy.

Thats what the mass producers put out, big fat holes you can drop anything in with minimal time or effort, thats because its the key to mass production and cost savings, too me thats what sets Warmoth apart, I know when I get it together, its as good as I can expect a guitar to be, short of having a completely custom - "made for me guitar", (which of course cost custom made for me prices as well).

Maybe the guy just wanted to prep you in case he had problems, or give reason to jack up the cost of his assembly,other than that I don't know why he would worry you with any of the trivial details, especially if it wasn't to know your preferences on an option. :icon_scratch:
He just wanted to make sure there was full disclosure and my approval on anything he did with my guitar.  In this type of work, it's always better to ask permission than to beg for forgiveness.

I also think that he mentioned it because he enjoys building Warmoths for himself and others (the assembly is costing 60 bucks flat, regardless of work) and he has yet to have any irregularities come up.

He's totally on the level, just thorough.
Yeah, I can certainly respect that, and 60 bucks seems like a Great deal............Cool Beans Stubblecat......... :icon_thumright: