mexi strat readings


does anybody happen to know the ohm readings of a normal pickup in a standard mexi strat
(i'm gonna upgrade it, and wanna get a good bearing of where i am right now  :icon_biggrin: )

if you could please give the neck and bridge readings plz :)

edit: could you also give the DC resistance
thx very much!  :toothy10:
Ohm and DC resistance mean the same thing, so if someone gives you one reading, you got both  ie...dc resistance is measured in ohms
This is probably pointless; there are multiple pickup configurations on "Mexican" Strats, so you could get 3 different readings from 3 different Mex Strats... The really cheap ones have a bout the same pickup config as the upper end of the Squire range...

Impedence readings aren't everything anyway; what kind of Strat tone are you looking for?
All you'll get with ohms is the coil resistance, and no idea what the pickup's output is - unless you compare to pickups who are otherwise made identically.