May 2012 Guitar of the Month Contest Submissions (12)


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I'm pleased to announce the May, 2012 Guitar of the Month contest.  May's contest will be for "OPEN CLASS" instruments. 

Please read the GOM rules, which have been refined, with some slight changes, and are posted in a sticky in this forum area.  Open Class is either owner or professionally finished, and may be a guitar or bass.  There must still be a Warmoth body and/or neck on the instrument.

Submissions must be sent, to, and contain two images no greater than 1024x768, along with your description and details of the instrument.

In turn, those images will posted to this message, which is May's submission thread. 

Submissions will be accepted from May 1st to May 7th, so get your cameras clicking!

All discussion for the submissions can take place below, along with other pictures hosted by the poster. 

Good luck, and may the best guitar/bass win!

Entry #1: by Televinklad

Warmoth Strat
Alder with Quilted Maple Top

Warmoth Strat Pro
Macassar Ebony with Macassar Ebony fretboard
Standard thin profile
10-16" compound radius
1 11/16 nut width
6150 nickel-silver frets
Mother of Pearl Dots

Sperzel Locking

Neck: Suhr DSV
Bridge: Suhr DSH

Recessed Gotoh 510TS-FE1

5-way superswitch wired as follows:
1) Neck Humbucker
2) Neck Inner Coil
3) Neck Inner Coil + Bridge Inner Coil
4) Bridge Inner Coil
5) Bridge Humbucker

Seymour Duncan YJM low friction volume pot. CTS tone pot.
Allparts 0-11 knobs



Entry #2: by Faruk

Body and neck both from Warmoth. Body finish done by Warmoth and neck finish done by me. Then and I put them together. That's all about my guitar


Body Wood: Alder-Flame Maple Top
Neck Wood: Birdseye Maple
Fretwood: Pau Ferro
Neck Contour: 59 Roundback
Frets: 6150
Bridge: 2 Point USA Fender Tremolo
Pickups: Fender Custom Shop '69
Tuning Machines: Kluson Deluxe



Entry #3: by Hannaugh

30" Scale Bass 
Swamp Ash Daphne Blue body
Tortoise shell pick guard
Walnut knobs
Fender lite vintage shape tuners
Custom Warmoth "W" logo engraved bridge plate by Doug
Gotoh 510 bridge
Roadhouse Jazz Bass hum-cancelling pickups

Bubinga and Pau Ferro neck
Stainless steel 6150 Frets
Installed white corian nut
Abalone dots
GHS Bright Flat strings



Entry #4: by line6man

Homemade scratch built body, consisting of a Curly Black Walnut solidbody core, 3/8" Figured Pomelle Bubinga laminate top, and 1/8" Curly Maple accent line. Stratocaster style shape, with HSH pickup routing, recessed Schaller Floyd, one volume, one tone, and two pickup selector switches. Black hardware, including a custom neckplate by DangerousR6. The control cavity cover matches the lam top and accent line.

Warmoth Indian Rosewood neck with Macassar Ebony fretboard. Stratocaster headstock, SS6150 frets, no inlay, standard thin contour, Floyd nut and Schaller tuners.



Entry #5: by sduck

Body and neck are both from Warmoth, both were finished by them.

Neck - Angled Strat, Mahogany back and Black Ebony fingerboard, No Inlays, Clear Satin finish, Gold frets, Graphtec nut, Sperzel Locking tuners (black & gold)
Body - Chambered Strat, Mahogany back with Select Quilt Maple top dyed green, Rear Routed, 510 mod, contoured heel, natural masked binding
Hardware - Dimarzio Air Norton Neck pickup and Tone Zone bridge pickup, Wilkinson bridge



Entry #6: by Photoguy

This tilt back tele is Warmoth finished. The assembly was done by me. Wiring and final setup by Lynn Collins.


Carve top Tele body – Hollow – Mahogany back finished in Clear Gloss – Flame Maple top finished in Purple Dye.

Pickups: Bridge – TV Jones Powertron + - Neck – TV Jones Powertron

String through with TOM bridge and chrome ferrules.

Neck is Warmoth headstock tiltback. Peghead finished in Purple Dye to match the body. Tuners are Schaller mini lockers.

Custom neckplate by Doug. Truss rod cover by Philadelphia Luthiers. 



Entry #7: by Death by Uberschall

Warmoth Body:
Flat Top Soloist
Slight brown burst to clear gloss
No binding, clean line to clear Gloss

1-piece Mahogany body
Unique Choice flame Koa top
Contoured heel
HxS pick-up routing
Recessed TOM routing
Angled string thru body

Warmoth Neck:
Warmoth Pro
Slight brown burst to clear gloss
No binding, clean line to raw finish

Canary neck
Black Ebony board
Warmoth "DbU" headstock shape
Flame Koa veneer from body laminate
1-11/16 nut width
'59 Roundback profile
Straight 12 radius
24 fret extension
SS6100 frets
No inlays/face dots
White side dots
Raw neck back

All black

TonePros TOM w/locking shaft option
Gotoh tuners
Single volume
CRL 3-way blade switch w/black knob
DR6 Top Notch Crap custom neck plate and truss cover



Entry #8: by Jcurl02

Warmoth Finished Tele Body
Flamed Maple (personal selected) Brown to Clear Burst Finish
Mahogany Body finished with Transparent Brown
Ivoriod Top Binding
Rear Rout Stand Tele Config
25 1/2 scale
1 Tone 1 Volume 1 three way switch
Fixted Tele Bridge
7/8 Side OUtput Jack
Warmoth Finished Vintage Modern Tele Neck
Flamed Maple Clear Gloss Finished
Pau Ferro Personal Selection
1 11/16 Black TUSQ XL Nut
6150 Stainless frets
Standard Thin profile
10 -16 Radius



Entry #9: by Ddbltrbl

Telecaster, Chambered, Contoured Heel, Rear Rout
Core Wood = Mahogany
Laminate Top = Cocobolo

Headstock = Telecaster
Construction = Warmoth Pro
Orientation = Right Handed
Shaft Wood = Cocobolo
Fingerboard Wood = Cocobolo
Nut Width = 1 5/8"
Back Contour = Standard thin
Fretwire = SS6105 (Stainless)
Tuner ream = Schaller (25/64", 11/32")
Fret Number = 22
Radius = 10-16" Compound
Inlays = Mother Of Pearl Dots
Nut Install = GraphTech Black TUSQ XL
Scale = 25-1/2 in.



Entry #10: by Black Dog

Spalted Maple over Black Korina w/ Black Binding
Honey Burst finish by Tonar

Black Korina w/ Macassar Ebony FB by Warmoth
Honey Burst Headstock & Oil Finish by Tonar
SS6100 Frets

TV Jones Power’tron Neck
TV Jones Power’tron Plus Bridge
Fender S-1 Switch
Caps: 2 X .0033uF
          1 X .0033 uF + 1 X .001 uF

Rutter’s Half Bridge
Glendale Twang Saddles
Glendale Retro Rockets String Ferrules
Sperzel Locking Tuners w/ Black Pearloid Buttons

Custom Neckwear by Dangerous



Entry #11: by Updown

All Warmoth Finish on Body with a Raw neck.
Body ...

Alder (Solid)
Rear Rout H x H
Contoured Heel
High Grade Quilt Maple Top
Black Dye finish on Top
Black Gloss on the Back
Black Burst on Edges.


Tone Pros
Recessed TOM - Angled Strings
Chrome Top & Bottom Ferrels
Bare Knuckles, Mule (Neck) Chrome Humbucker                                                                     
Bare Knuckles, Abraxas (Bridge) Chrome Humbucker
Metal Black Hum Rings
3 Way Switch with Chrome Tip
2 x 500K CTS Pots 
Orange Drop Capacitor
1 x Vol, 1 x Tone
Tele Heavy Knurled Knobs

Neck …

Vintage Modern
Pau Ferro
Ebony Fretboard
Stainless Steal Frets SS6115
1 11/16" Nut width
Graph Tech Black TUSQ Nut
10 -16" Compound Radius,
Standard Thin Neck
Mother Of Pearl Dot Inlay
Sperzel Lok Tuners
Custom Dougie Neck Plate 



Entry #12: by TroubledTreble

VIP Body: Mahogony Back / Zebrawood Top Solid construction
Dragon Burst finish natural mask binding by Warmoth
Hardtail Gotoh 510 bridge
Electrosocket jack routing

59' Roundback neck: Quartersawn Maple / Zebrawood fretboard no dots
Compound Radius
Stainless Steel 6150 Frets
Warmoth headstock 24.75" scale
Vintage style tuners.

PRS style control layout
Roadhouse Triple Crown Humbuckers

Custom Titanium Neckplate By "DangerousR6" Doug




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Damn. I would be proud to have every single one of these in my collection.


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Nice to see the broad spectrum of folk's ideas and talent in this months "open" contest.

I'm  a sucker for Telecasters, but a certain other entry has the likelihood of my vote (at the current time)


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I'm torn between three choices this month, but I also hope that my own entry wins.
I've been a bit disappointed with past months, but this month is truly special.


I sent mine in, must've done something wrong. But there's three  absolutely spectacular one of a kind figured pieces of wood GOTY candidates in this month's entries alone, plus the garden variety GOTM potentials.


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Damn that's some stiff competition! :icon_scratch: :icon_scratch: :icon_scratch: :icon_scratch: :dontknow:


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Wow, competition is stiff this month!!  :eek: There's not a single one of these I wouldn't be proud to own!!  :eek:ccasion14: :guitarplayer2:

Mor Paul

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This is a great month. There are 4 guitars where I couldn't change a thing, and that makes it hard. I think I have a frontrunner, but this is a great month to see how a complete vision is much more important than just fancy woods (though these ones have both, which makes them so great).


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Cagey said:
Damn. I would be proud to have every single one of these in my collection.

SustainerPlayer said:
Uh - it will be hard to make a choice here.  :eek:  :kewlpics:

Yep ...... But they aren't all in Yet !!  ..... I'm guessing about 14+ will enter  :dontknow:
Which will just make it even harder to pick one.

Very very impressive so far thou  :eek:


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When I open the page, I was like "Okay that can be tough" but when I check the page later I was like " Hoolllyyy ... I have no chance " :doh:

Awesome guitars. It's really hard to choose. Can't we vote most of them ? :p


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I like the one with the figured top and the amberish natural finish with a mahogany back. :headbang1:


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So... when I lose, I'm totally going to complain that there should be a separate category for solid finish basses.  :laughing7:  :icon_tongue:

But seriously, I'm liking a lot of the entries this month.  Some nice, nice wood there.  No way in hell my little blue bass is winning though.


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There should be! Solid finish basses with exotic necks, different category for solid finish maple necks. If we do it that way I might just win one day!
Great guitars, all!


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First I want to thank all the people behind the scenes that made this happen.  I'm sure most of us (including me) have no idea who it is and how much work it takes.  I know I made a mistake or two on my submission and they contacted me and got it fixed!  Thanks!  Also, thanks to your family etc. that is understanding enough to allow you the time it takes to keep up on this "contest".

Second, my gosh, the guitars are all beautiful.  From a solid colored bass to highly figured wood to slighlty off standard interpertations of classics.  No one is a loser!  If you think you are, I'll give you may address to send the "losing" guitars" to.

Thirdly, I'm not sad but I'm pretty sure I won't finish in the top three.  But this competition has given me new ideas!  I'm sad that I can't justify building more.  I've built two in the last 6 months and my collection is getting to big.  The future wife is saying that some have to go before more come in.....  Maybe it's time to find a new future wife????  Probably not!

Finally, I really support the open field.  This month seems to show a wide range of offerings.  In my opinion, as long as it has some Warmoth parts, you should be able to submit it.  Let the voters decide it they like a factory finished or owner fineshed etc.  There are no prizes.  After all we really don't get to hold or hear them and that is what it really comes down to. 

ONCE AGAIN THANKS TO THOSE THAT PUT THIS TOGETHER!!!!!! :eek:ccasion14: :eek:ccasion14: :eek:ccasion14: