Mann Tremolo Compatibility with 6 Hole Vintage Trem Routing


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Hi All,

I am wondering if the Mann Vintage 6 hole tremolo will fit into Warmoth's 6 hole Trem routing.

The reason I am asking is that Mann says the bridge will fit directly into a vintage 6 hole routing whereas the measurements on the two websites (Mann's and Warmoth's) are a bit different:

Warmoth Website: Mounting screw span is 2.2" (55.9mm)
John Mann's Website: Mounting hole spacing = 2.220" (56.38mm)

The difference is 0.02 inches or 0.48mm but I am quite concerned that about the mismatch in these dimensions as far as the mounting holes is concerned.

Would appreciate some help on this folks!


The Green Grinch

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The Fender spec. is 2 7/32" or 2.1875", some rounding off is going on both at Warmoth and Mann. I don't think 0.020" will make any difference, so don't worry. I have a Mann 2 point on a VIP build, I think you'll like it.