LR Baggs X Bridge


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Anyone have any experience with one of these or anything similar?  I'm thinking of throwing one on the strat build I'm dreaming up and was just wondering how hard it was to install one of these.
I just used a Baggs piezo bridge saddle on a chambered body 4-string bass. you really gotta know how to fit a bridge saddle if you plan to use one of these - or take it to an authorized shop to have it installed


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I have a strat hardtail x-bridge I bought from ildar... I haven't installed it but I spoke to L.R.Baggs support on the phone and they were very helpful in explaining how to do it.  It's only got two wires so it should not be difficult to install.
I've done the graphtech thing and posted about it; search my name and graphtech piezo. Much harder than the x-bridge imho.