Los Lonely Boys kick a$$

red king

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If you've never seen these guys live, do yourself a favor and attend their next show in a city near you.  I just saw them tonite.  You will not be dissapointed.  Awesome musicianship from all 3 brothers.  Especially Jo Jo, the bass player!  Plays a 6 string bass and hits every damn note on that thing throughout the night.

Henry Garza, at one point played a really nice curly maple topped blue strat (rear routed) with white binding.  I wonder if that was a warmoth?!
I worked for a station here in Houston that put on a big Earth Day concert and got to work the setup and event itself.  Them doing soundcheck was better than any performance the day of the concert.  Two hour soundcheck/jam session.  They were freaking awesome all the way through and killed the next day.  It kills me that Enrique Iglesias was the headliner, but they had just hit it big with Heaven a month or two earlier.