Lively Necks


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Alright, so I've done two Warmoth gits (1 full, 1 neck) now - played them for awhile, and I've got to say that
I've never had such a "lively" neck on a git like these Warmoth ones. 

One little tone test trick you can do is take a guitar, touch the back of the headstock lightly and strum the strings altogether as well as individually.  You know you've got a good toneful piece of wood if you can feel the vibrations strong through your fingertips on the back of the headstock; this is the "lively" part. 

Both of my Warmoth Vintage Modern necks exhibit this liveliness.  Not only that, but they're light as a feather as well. 
You can even feel the high E string vibrate... this is good stuff, man.  :icon_thumright: 
I've noticed this too, especially on my bubinga neck.  My rosewood neck doesn't do it as much.  :rock-on: