Line 6 Vetta II?


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Okay, so I'm in the middle of planning my first Warmoth (VIP) with the idea of having it be as sonicly diverse as I can without keeping it from being a "player's instrument".  In keeping with that, I'm also looking into an amplifier that will also keep with that idea - Diverse, but still fun and easy to use.

That being said, and from reading and researching, I'm thinking I'll end up going with the Vetta II series from Line 6.  But, at the same time, not having played one, there is still a bit of uncertainty.

Has anyone out there had a change to play through one for any length of time, and can provide their thoughts on using it as a main amp?

Many thanks for your insight,

Eric "GuitarEC"
You definitely need to try one out at Guitar Center assuming they still have them on display.  I messed around with one and the range and quality of the tones are amazing.  The presets usually indicate the name of the song they are trying to replicate and it is inspiring to play through.    But, again, you need to bring your guitar(s) down there and try it out and compare with other amps.  For a couple hundred more you can get a Marshall JCM2000 Dual Super Lead 100 and 1960A Package which I tried out a month or two ago.  As much as I like the Vetta II, I would get this particular Marshall instead because it just felt so alive.  I would then buy some land far enough away from neighbors so I could crank that sucker up.  Which reminds me I need to buy some lottery tickets tomorrow.  :D 
For sonic diversity, you might check out behringer's V-amp series.  These can be rigged and config'd much like a stack or as a combo or rack gear.  For the money, they provide a nice platform which can make just about whatever sound you want - only drawback would be that they are not tube-based.  But, the Vetta has the same drawback.  I think where you ran out of headroom with the V-amp would be about where you run out with the Vetta - then you're still doing the same search for boutique tube sound either way?