Letting go of things...


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I'm posting this with a heavy heart..

As much as I love guitars, amplifiers,effects, and everything that comes with it...it is taking up too much of my time. I am struggling to keep up with the everyday basics of cleaning and cooking and maintaining my home, so something has to give. I will be getting rid of my collection.
Below is a list of what's available. Serious inquiries only, and please don't insult me with low offers.

Thanks for reading and understanding...

1. Dustpan and broom
2. Sponges
3. Toilet spray
4. Mop and bucket
5. Window cleaner
6. Vacuum
7. Dishwashing liquid
8. Laundry detergent
9. Fabric softener
10. Laundry baskets
11. Toilet brush
12. Cleaning sprays
13. Lawnmower
14. Snowblower

Parody post...
I'd offer $20 for the snowblower but it would have more use in Miami cleaning men's toilet table tops than I would have in NSW Australia! Good post!
And where I am (Michigan, USA), I'd be asking for specs on the snowblower. Electric, gas, or battery? Single stage? Two-stage? Steering assist? Driver shield? What kind of wheels? :)