Les Paul Passes


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How sad...
I just got the news on CNN; Les Paul dies at age 94. 
Long may his memory play on
:rock-on: Les


May he Rest In Peace.

Long admired and respected his genius, both in playing guitar and creativity with inventions that led to modern multi tracking overdubbing in the studio amongst other things. One of the people who pioneered the solid body electric guitar.

It's not until you look at his achievements, who he worked with when he was in his prime, and the things he invented and worked on, til you realise how much a giant in the music industry this guy was.

To me, first starting out playing guitar, he was the name on the Gibson guitar that proudly boasted itself as the Standard. It was not until much later that I realised that he not just the usual signature player endorsee.

My first impression of hearing some of his musical work, was that he must have been the earliest, if not the original, shredder! Thre's some stuff on You Tube that shows him in latter years, more being a parody of himself and his ability, but certainly you get the idea that this guy could play whatever he wanted to play - he was that good.

While I've always been more a Fender type of player, I have always respected Les Paul, the man, for the achievements he accomplished and the friendly outlook he publicly showed. He embraced younger generations who dared to approach him & was always keen to see the latest gunslinger guitar player in action too, from what I've read.

I'm sure, when someone reaches such an age, news of their passing is more the final curtain than the horrible surprise. No doubt though, his family, close friends and fans are grieving his Passing.

But he can go to his final resting place, content with the knowledge that thousands of people throughout the world have been able to listen to music in a better format thanx to his multi tracking projects, and play music thanx to his insistence on the solid body guitar being a worthy and respectable instrument to play.

You can rightfully say that Les Paul has achieved what so many people strive for but few achieve.

He has made the world a better place through the beauty of music and it's ability to be recorded for prosperity & reach those afar.

He improved the noble and pure enjoyment that one gets from learning the art of playing a musical instrument, through his work on the Log and Les Paul guitars.

He has enthused, inspired and mentored so many players of guitars and reached those in younger generations as a father figure in this genre.

He is truly a legend.