Left handed


I have a problem and need help, im left handed.
but thats not the only problem, i am planning a L5S jazz guitar build. but i cant find anywhere to select to buy a lefty L5S
is there anybody who has the slightest ideah on how i can order it?
its a rather desperat situasion at the moment:p

pls help!
Yes, "left or right hand, same price" - WillyK has built a couple; you just need to custom order it
ill just put together a set of gear and call them when i got the cash then:) nice.
been helpfull! its my 1. warmoth guitar, needs to be perfect, and left handed.. ;)
Yes they do exist :icon_biggrin: welcome aboard, good to have another lefty on the forum :icon_thumright:
its ok that you are left handed, just stay out of my stores, schools, parks, home, and don't breath my air, or drink my water, and just don't talk or look to or at me.  oh and stay away from my daughter!