L5S build


My first attempt at finishing with dye (you can tell...), but it turned out pretty good.  The body is mahogany with flamed maple top, mahogany neck with ebony board.  I put WCR Black Magic pickups in it.  The finish was totally experimental, but it turned out somewhat a tiger eye finish.  Next time I know when to say when on the filler for mahogany, how to better manage the double-stain process, and better manage the transition from maple cap to body. But, as they say, no discounting experience and I've got this one under my belt now.  Oh, and it plays much better than I anticipated, the hollow body tones can be as sweet or howling as you want.


WHOAH!!! I know there isn't a July Contest yet, but I'm pretty sure that I'll be voting for you for best DIY finished Warmoth guitar. Excellent job, dude...
Very Sweeeeet.....  She is a real beauty indeed  :headbang1:
She more deserving than one single pic!
McJalison said:
Newbie here, did you use a dark brown dye as the base, then yellow dye on top?  Jason

Sorry for the delay in responding.  Yes, I used a dark brown dye first, sanded the crap out of it, then went over with an amber dye.  It worked :hello2:
Nonsense Craps his pants all the time, that's why we like him

I read your post, and could only see the neck in the pic, so as you described it I expected the worse, so when I finnished reading and scrolled down, Wow!  Looks good to me.

That's pretty darn good for your first effort, it's pretty good for a second or 3rd effort.

The thrill of applying your own finnish is two fold, the satisfaction of doing it and it looking good, and the cost savings of being able to buy unfinnished bodies and necks from Warmoth.

Theres a ton of finnished stuff in the showcase that you wish was this or that, now it don't matter, you buy what you want, and finnish it the way you want. Can't wait to see number 2 as I'm sure your gonnna do one.
It doesn't need different knobs; it just needs to be longingly caressed and ravaged.  Ya done good!