Just ordered: Korina Soloist body. Neck incoming.


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Hey guys, figured I'd let you know about my next Warmoth project.  It's the one i've been talking about for a while here - my Nuno Bettencourt Signature Model inspired Warmoth hardtail Soloist.  I tried to keep it simple, elegant, but slightly exotic with the Korina.

Finally got around to ordering the body yesterday, after receiving a nice $100 Warmoth Gift Certificate from my Fiance's parents.

BODY Specs:
Korina Flat Top Soloist Body
2 Bucker Routes
No control holes (drilling them myself)
Narrow Spaced Strat hardtail
Gotoh Hardtail Bridge
Clear Gloss, with subtle dark brown burstover on front and back.


The neck has already been ordered, and specs are as follows:

NECK Specs
Maple Neck
Ebony Fingerboard
Mother of Pearl dots
6150 Frets
Corian nut
Custom Shaped Headstock inspired by the Washburn Nuno N4.
(I know lots of folks hate on it, but I love it!!!)
Gotoh Tuners

The neck is shipping out soon, so I can get a head start on finishing it with wipe on poly, so it'll be ready by the time the body arrives.


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Me too. I'm really keeping my fingers crossed that I don't get a butt-ugly piece of wood.


That's why I decided to do a bit of a burst-over... almost as "insurance" if the wood is kinda wacky.  To give some symmetry to the body, and to distract for any irregularities in the grain, if any.

With my luck, it'll be a 110% perfect top. haha.


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That's certainly better than a -10% top! 

Look like it'll be a great build.  :icon_thumright: