Just finished setting up my VIP...


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And it was piss easy compared to my Strat.  When I got my first Warmoth (Strat), I had tried to assemble it, and epically failed at the setup (string height).  Ended up paying a guy to do it.  Figured the same would be true for my VIP, so I paid a guy again. 

On a whim this evening, I decided to try and set up my VIP with 12s tuned to D Standard.  I just popped the strings on there, lowered the bridge posts until the strings touched the 22nd fret, and slowly moved it up until I got no  fret out in the upper registers.  From there I tweaked the truss rod to where it needed to be for fret buzz, and set the intonation (which is a real biotch) and I was good to go!  It plays just as good as it did when the tech set it up, and it sounds awesome, so yeah.  I'm feeling really accomplished now. :toothy12: