Just Crazy Enough to Work


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Wanting a 6-on-a-side neck for an Iceman build I'm doing has lead me to this idea. I apologize ahead of time for the Special Ed The Artist visuals, but I think it gets the idea across.

Besides, when you realize the inherent, inescapable weirdness of using terms like 'ice/fire', it's appeal kinda grows in a fungal sort of way.

I tried to illustrate the idea of evoking the body curves/points on the headstock.



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It's possible for Warmoth to do a custom headstock, if you give them a good drawing of your idea, see: http://www.warmoth.com/guitar/necks/necks.cfm?fuseaction=custom_warmothpro


I like the way you thought of your theme, but somethings not working for me, imo :sad:


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I think the tip of the headstock is too round. Maybe if it were shaped like one of the rear bouts of the guitar, it'd match better.
Awesome idea though.  :rock-on:


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Interesting concept, but then again I like juxtaposed instruments.  Any plans for finish, pickups, and hardware to complete the picture?


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This is a project I am doing just for the artwork. A person I know does really great art:


I asked her if she'd paint a guitar body, and she agreed, so I wanted something that lent itself to the kind of art she does. I'm figuring TOM/stop tail, HHH. But because she uses such bright colors, the pickups will be 3 different-colored Dimarzios with clashing pickup rings; think Blue, Red, Yellow, with Purple, Green Pink. Horrid, I know. But in context, it works.

Besides, Icemans with book-matched flame maple tops seem weirder.

I just want the face painted, but the whole thing will be black, probably matte.

I also have a Soloist body in matte white that she's doing for me, classic 80s 1 hum/vol/Floyd. I asked her if she'd paint over the front edge, and the pickup is a white EMG 81, so she could paint that too!

I wish I could find a decent photo of these (Jackson Custom Dragon NAMM set), but it gives you the basic idea of painting over pickups.

I want the Iceman that busy, but the Soloist I want a bit more sparse. And of course the Iceman's pickups won't be painted.

In exchange, I'm buying and assembling a Tele style for her that she'll paint at the same time.

The Iceman should be so over-the top that it will come back around again. That's why I figure the overstated headstock might work.