June 2021 Guitar of the Month Submissions


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We are now announcing the June 2021 Guitar of the Month contest!  June's contest will be "owner/non-professionally finished" and requires at least a Warmoth neck or body to qualify.

Please read the GOM rules, which have been refined, with some slight changes, and are posted in a sticky in this forum area.

Submissions must be sent, to uwfgom@gmail.com, and contain two images no greater than 1024x768, along with your description and details of the instrument.  Send your submission in plain text email.  Your photos must be attachments to the email.  Your unOfficialWarmoth Forum user name must be included in the body of the email.

In turn, your images will added to this message, which is June's submission thread.

Submissions will be accepted from now until exactly 7 days from now (please check this post's date and time), so get your cameras clicking!

As usual, discussion about the submissions can take place below.

Please do not post additional photos in any replies to this thread.  Links to other UW threads or external sites are fine. Links will not be included in the entry descriptions.

Please try to stick to the entry requirements:
1024x768 pixel images maximum as attachments please, not embedded in the email or linked to external sites.

Include your UnOfficialWarmoth Forum user name.

Owner or other non-professionally finished instruments only this month.

Sorry, but entries that do not meet these requirements may not be included in the contest. If you're having technical difficulties, get in touch!  (But only about contest entries please!)

Good luck, and may the best guitar/bass win!

Guitar #1 rauchman

Velocity body in mahogany with a TruOil, non filled finish, black and red dye on the front
Neck is a 24.75" Tiltback Strat conversion neck with a roasted maple shaft and ebony fretboard, with mother of pearl dots and SS6150 frets, standard thin, 10-16" compound radius.
Delrin nut with slightly narrower string spacing

3 color outer body binding (inside is cream, outside is black and underneath both is plastic abalone)
Inlay strip consisting of 2 strips of ebony surrounding 2 coco bola strips with white trim, surrounding abalone down the middle
Neck heel has been modified to a Fender Ultra type heel

Suhr Aldrich Bridge and Neck with chrome covers
500k pots with 1 DPDT pot (neck vol), which pulls both hum buckers to single coil and also switches the caps from .044 to .022
Bridge is a Gotoh NS510TS-FE1 with an FU Tone brass block
Knobs were ordered on Amazon and have an abalone circle in the middle
Tuners are Hipshot non staggered locking with Hipshot white tuner buttons
Standard 3 way blade switch



Guitar #2 elstoof

Warmoth Tele, unfinished
22 frets, 6150
Unique choice birdseye maple fretboard on birdseye maple neck
Modern construction
finished with perhaps 20 coats of pure tung oil

Warmoth Thinline Tele, unfinished
Mahogany body
Birdseye maple cap
Cream binding on top
Top stained with yellow Crimson Guitars Stunning Stain and sanded back
French polished with blond shellac

Rutters "La Buritto" bridge
Switchcraft 3 way toggle switch
Regular Tele knobs
Home made copper "poker chip" washers under controls
Gotoh SDS510 tuners
Rutters butterfly string tree
Wolfetone Mean & Meaner P90 pickups with 250K vol & tone pots
Rutters string ferrules
Home made copper control plate



Guitar #3 Martijndrift

Warmoth Warhead
Vintage/Modern construction
Standard thin size
Unique choice pau ferro fretboard on canary shaft
22 frets, 6150 SS
10-16" compound radius
Completely raw!

Warmoth chambered jazzmaster, with f-hole
Alder body with black korina top
4 layers of danish oil

Schaller STM bridge
Goldo LT2 tremolo
Schaller Megaswitch M
500 K pots (1x volume, 2x tone)
Aged strat knobs
Schaller staggered locking tuners
Schaller straplocks
Tonerider AC2 pickups
Warmoth pickguard with custom hole pattern



Guitar #4 Lbpesq

Strat Style Guitar

Body:  Warmoth Extra Light Swamp Ash with Oil/Wax Wudtone Finish
Neck:  Warmoth Modern Construction Pau Ferro Fingerboard Over Hand Burnished Goncalo Alves
Bridge:  Babicz Full Contact
Tuners:  Grover Locking
Pickups:  Active EMGs
Weight:  6 lbs., 14.5 oz. w/ 9v Battery



rauchman and elstoof get this month's contest started! Good luck both!