Jazzmaster/Jaguar wiring


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I'm building my first Warmoth guitar and have a question about wiring the pickups.
I've attached a mock-up of my soon to be guitar.

The guitar will have a Jaguar pup in the neck position and a Jazzmaster pup in the bridge position. Three way toggle and a volume pot. Nothing else.
Can anyone draw up a wiring diagram including grounds or point me in the right direction?

Also, what should I name this guitar?

Just wire it up like this, but omit the tone section, and ignore the "north" and "south". Just use the outside wires on each pickup diagram as your lead and ground.


Just a suggestion:

It would help with hum cancelling and general pickup interference, if you had one of the pickups RWRP to the other. (That's Reverse Wound, Reverse Polarity)

The Jazzmaster pickups are single coil and are wide flat coils, which means they can pick up some mighty intereference.

Fender tried to get around that by having both pickups RWRP to each other when you selected both pickups, (which was when two Jazzmaster pickups would have been at their most vulnerable to noise) but they were wired in parallel to sound funky. If you could wire them in series, they'd combine both pickups and give off a stronger, more aggressive sound.

Would this be the correct wiring diagram I should use for reference? Is everything correct? I made this diagram using one that I found.

Also will I be able to ground the wiring to the bridge if it's a stoptail/tune-o-matic set-up?
No, the grounding is wrong on that.

You want the pickup grounds to go to the volume pot, too. And then another ground from the switch to the volume pot.