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I know some of it's rightfully gotten a bad name (fuzak, I'd never seen a style of music corrupted so thoroughly and quickly, the 70's were a weird time for the music industry). This is an index of the video from the original fusion lineups, on TV. Mostly seems to be taken from European television shows, Americans were afraid of Miles.... the audio stuff all seems to be indexed at the SugarMegs.org site too, but I'd never seen any of the video.

How about Return to Forever - Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy, with the original guitarist Bill Connors (no he's not as fast as Al, thank heavens....)
Coolio!  My most downloaded/linked to MP3 for Europe is http://jackthehack.com/BlueInGreen-JackSeeley64.mp3 figured I'd be crucified, but Miles fans seem to like it; below's a picture of a genuine Norwegian Celtic groupie that unfortunately wrote me in Norwegian; there's no Norwegian Babelfish near as I could make it out I think she said she liked to lick my music and wanted to bake my ears.

Thanks for the cool link, Stub.  Much to the annoyance of my wife and friends, I am a huge fan of Jazz Fusion.  It all started when I was fourteen and thought that EVH was the first guy to redefine the electric guitar's place in modern music.  Well a much older buddy gave me a dubbed cassette of "The Inner Mounting Flame".  My young brain subsequently blew up, and I have been digging that kind of stuff ever since.  The guys I work with who are into "jam band" music also seem to like this stuff, it is about our only common ground.  Anyway, cool stuff!
If you ever need to feel humbled as a guitarist, put on the "Land of the Midnight Sun" LP/CD, think Al DiMeola recorded it right after he turned 20...

Who's the guy playing guitar on the Billy Cobham videos like "Stratus"?