I've got my excuse to get started. Where to go from here....

Vol. Knob

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I've daydreamed about building a warmoth since the '80s when I first saw their ads in the guitar mags.  Before the days of the web, early '90s, I had a catalog that I cherrished until a bandmate absconded with it.  Since I succumbed to internet addiction eleven years ago, I've made warmoth one of the sites I visit too much, just to look around.  Never bought anything, just looked.  Except once, to buy a pickguard.  I've "frankensteined" guitars together out of other guitars plenty of times.  I have a habit of refinishing my guitars whether they need it or not.  I swap out pickups and parts all the time.

I could continue to prattle on.  But I'll stop.  Suffice to say; "what am I waiting for?"

Now I have no choice.  I'm getting my hands on a set of Reed James woodbuckers.  http://www.reedjamescustom.com   They're exoctic wood pickups, very pretty.  Mounting rings too.  I've selected Cocobolo for the wood.  Reed James Custom certainly has my attention for they eye candy.  I can't wait to hear what they sound like.

But...  I'm mounting them in a black Epiphone Les Paul Custom.  Mind you, its a great guitar.  I recently traded my way into it.  I really dig it far more than I thought I would, despite the EMG-HZ mounted in the bridge position.  However...  I think the pickups will look out of place on this rig, not to sound like a interrior decorator, but the woodgrain might clash with all the black and gold.

So.....  I think I'll be selling a few peices of gear off (including the LP once I've had some fun with the Reed James Pickups).  I've decided that this gives me the perfect opportunity to take that first step.

Since the pickup rings I'm getting with the set are designed for a carved top, I've already settled on an LP or LPS.  I should get some stuff sold so I can have a budget to work with.  Don't wanna get too "cart before the horse" and type endlessly about what wood, top, fingerboard, neck shape yadda yadda yadaa....

Suffice to say, it will take a little while before I get rolling.  But it looks like I'll finally get off my lazy rear end and make a move.  Hmmm....  LPS, Carved Ash top on mahogony...  Perhaps a wenge neck with Ziricote....  ooohhh... perhaps a hipshot baby-grand bridge!  Yummy.  Or...or...or.... LP with Rosewood top, Mahogony body, mahogony neck with rosewood board... and rosewood laminate on the headstock!   
That story makes it sound like it will be months before you are even close to placing an order with Warmoth..... :icon_scratch:

Don't forget to post pics of the body and neck when they are eventually ordered and arrive at your doorstep. Welcome to this forum.
spauldingrules said:
It's not that big of a deal dude, just do it.

Ditto.  Just do it.

I built my first warmoth on a whim, and now they are my main giging guitars!
Welcome! and like everyone else said, Just do it !!! At least when you have finished it you will have something worth every penny and then some! Everyone here is ready and willing to help, Just ask! Their a great bunch to deal with  :eek:ccasion14:
Welcome to the boards!

+1 to the above.

The Warmoth site is way too much candy in one place.  You could spend years looking around the site and second guessing yourself. 
Vol. Knob said:
LPS, Carved Ash top on mahogony...  Perhaps a wenge neck with Ziricote....
Sounds like a plan there man.  Pull the trigger, you wont regret it.  :glasses9:
Yeah, I'm a dork for posting this.  I should really wait until I actually get started. 

That said.  I've got an '86 MIJ squer strat, LP and Alvarez six string bass I'm gearing up to sell on Ebay, probably post them this weekend.  Loads of other things too.  I've run a parts list of what I'll need to make this a reality.  It comes to around $600 if I don't go with too many extras.  I should be able to hit that number, easy.  Of course, the market has crashed and businesses are firing people left and right.  Nobody wants to buy anything and everyone has something to sell....  so we'll see. 

Vol. Knob said:
Yeah, I'm a dork for posting this.  I should really wait until I actually get started. 

Au contraire, mon ami... a big part of the fun here is sharing our plans, schemes and conspiracies. A good part of what is discussed here never gets built in the end, or only a lot later, or in a totally different form, and I don't think that bothers anyone. Everbody learns from sharing ideas, and it's way better to discover about a major flaw in your plan in the early stages than when you've just removed everything from the UPS boxes and laid it out on the table...


I made a thread simply about what guitar plans were floating around people's heads. Some cool ideas.
Well then Max, ByteFrenzy....  Thanks for the kind words.

The more I look around Warmoth.com, here, and on Flickr, the more "no choice, gotta do it" I feel. 

Definitely leaning towards a Mahogony LPS carved top with Swamp Ash top.  Wenge neck with Ziricote board, or all Rosewood....  There's a flat top LP in one of the galleries that is ash and wenge with a finish like carmel (Carmel and chocolate http://www.unofficialwarmoth.com/index.php?topic=1966.0 in the gallery).  I think I might copy that concept a little.  Definitely going with a Hipshot Baby Grand for the bridge.  The more I roll ideas around, the more I like the sound of this configuration and color scheme.
spauldingrules said:
No baby grand bridge.  Go traditional bridge for your first.

I must admit that the baby grand bridge is a little, well, dorky.

I'd just do a TOM for the first time.