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Hi guys. I just opened the box and feel like it's Christmas again. That Koa I had that wouldn't untwist I sliced into one piece tops. Sent them to the custom shop and had Ken make twin tele/strat bodies. Mahogany backs with maple sandwiched between. Just got the first coat of sealer on them.
I'm making a guitar for my son Justin. It's a set neck Les Paul type. I'm experimenting with transfering images to the raw wood and then clear lacquering over it. So far I haven't found any evidence of this being done well before before. Here's a computer generated picture of what I hope it comes out like. What do you think? If the process works, I will try it on one of my warmoth strat projects/
Nice twins, agreed. 

Regarding the LP, pretty cool, but how old is your son?  :evil4:
Nice set of twins....Very badass indeed....No pickguards, way to go..... :icon_thumright: