Its official!


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My guitar is officially branded a warmoth!20230702_110952.jpg

It didn't work on the headstock face, and the back was a bit weird.

I test fit it initially onr the headstock side, facing up, but that was weird too.

I really like this one!!

I wanted to do a custom logo, but could think of anything good, and it IS a warmoth, so...........why not?
Need more pics! Is this one that you painted the body firemist surf green with sparkles? I really need to see the whole thing!
Also, it maintains the Warmoth esthetic of a clean headstock face.
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I have no idea what I'm looking at.
You are looking at one of the metal warmoth stickers, placed at the end of their warmoth styled 3x3 tilt back headstock.

This is my third build, and I'm proud to call them warmoths.

The first one (my first warmoth headstock) got nothing for 25 years! I never liked the position above the truss rod and between the tuners, too busy. It now has one on the end like above.

The second has a tele headstock and got it in the normal fender spot.

This guy has a super nice flamed neck that I didn't want to ruin the clean look of. The back of the HS was going to be the place until I test fitted it at the end.

Since it is curved in two directions, the light reflects differently across it as you look at it.

your pics, rick. Lol

Here was the target color. Its about 98% this color. Very hard to get the color to show correct in pics
Family photo. Tele is a '99, strat is an '09, VIP is a '22.

I said the VIP was going to be my last, but it turned out to be as close to a perfect guitar for me, playing wise, that I want to build another or 2.

Or 3.
They look good.
I will be putting a Warmoth sticker on the headstock of my most recent Soloist build. It is gold and looks metallic. I think it will look good with the gold hardware. The headstock is the Warmoth Warhead anyway, so why not say "Warmoth" on it?