Is this the "correct" Gotoh 510 Tremolo?

Christian Jones

Junior Member
I'm looking to outfit my new strat build with nickel hardware throughout. I want the Gotoh 510 trem over the Wilkinson because it has that classic look, but I want to make sure I'm getting the "preferred" Gotoh 510.

The 510 is hard to find in nickel, and this place is currently out of stock but I can find another one:

I just want to make sure that this^^^ particular model of Gotoh 510 is the model most prefer and the one Suhr uses.

And what is the big difference (other than string spacing) between the various Gotoh 510s anyway? I mean, what is it that makes a particular 510 preferred over another 510?
What makes one preferred over another is simply preference.

Differences are string spacing, 10.5mm versus 10.8mm.  Saddle types vary from blocks to bent more classic looking variants. Blocks some are Zinc some are stainless.

Suhr use different variants on different instruments. What are you going to fit this to may be the better question to answer.
stratamania said:
What are you going to fit this to may be the better question to answer.

The Gotoh 510 trem would be going on a Warmoth strat-tele hybrid baritone that I'm planning and will be purchasing the parts for soon.
Well that's cool that the differences between the 510's are things like string spacing etc and *not* things like some are made better than others which was my main concern.
I’ve used the one with narrow spacing and zinc block in the warmoth rout.  The goth site has good dimensional diagrams.