Is this side dot positioning normal?


Hey all,
I just received my first Warmoth neck and it feels and looks amazing.

I was going to lightly roll the fretboard edges but I've seen that the side dots seem to be inconsistently positioned and one in particular is very close to the fretboard such that if I roll it even a little I'm pretty sure you'll see the side dot breaking through the face of the fretboard.

It's a 9-14" compound, but it seems weird to me that on the 3rd fret there is 0.9mm (0.035") of wood between the dot and the fretboard, but at the 5th there is 0.4mm (0.015") and the 7th there is essentially 0mm.

Just wanted to get your opinions on this please. I've attached some images, it's quite difficult to get a good shot of it.

Thanks a lot



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That does not seem good.  As the fretboard edges wear, the fret markers will become proud of the neck.  (proud as in raised).  Once that happens, it seems like a problem to me.
Yeah, don't do anything. Like Rick said, call WM right now and ask. Send pics. I think it's high, regardless of whether it's a WM product or not, but if you start messing with it, WM can't cover it.
All sorted!

Thanks for the replies, I wanted to make sure I wasn't being picky as it's an international order so there's a lot more faff with duties & shipping etc, plus the excitement of wanting to build it up and the website warning of a possible 4 day delay on emails due to how busy they are.

However I'm pleased to say that Warmoth got back to me really quickly and are replacing the neck for me, plus I can use this one in the meantime.

I'm really happy with the customer service I have to say, I'd become a bit worried from Google searches but it's only good feedback from me!
Warmoth customer service is generally good when it is obvious something is wrong like this.

However, solely in the interests of constructive feedback, I think this should never have gone out the door in the first place. Better final QC inspection is needed.